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What do we do when we’re not partying for work?

There’s an expectation that when you walk in to ‘Bust Loose Towers’ to visit us, you’re going to see everything from circus performers to fireworks… and on any given day, it’s more than likely you may. However, usually we save our best partying for the weekends when we’re off shift (or if you’re Dustyn ‘Loose’ Schroeder our Party Bus & Events manager you save it for a random Tuesday).

We’ve hosted all kinds of private, in-house crawl events, from flash mobbing junior sporting arenas to wining and dining at the cinemas. (Once again we’re really sorry Cineplex!)

If there’s an excuse to join or throw a party, we’ve probably used it. Bust Loose offers charters for pretty much any reason you can think of, and a lot of our crawls are born from our staff parties and ridiculous ideas we come up with…  And if you are anything like most of the people who make their way to this website, you can think of a lot of reasons.  But just in case you are suffering from ‘Riders Block,’ here are some things we like to do with buses when no one else is using them.

  • Holiday Party Bus – Keep your employees from getting DUIs on their way home from the company party.
  • Bus Parade of Lights – load the family and friends on a bus and take a tour of holiday lights! (Grab some egg-nog and sit back and watch the light show)
  • Grocery Trip Bus – Forget where you parked? Not a problem when your car’s a bus!
  • Overwhelm a Small Town Diner Bus – Table for 50 please.
  • Overwhelm a Drive-Through Bus – Welcome to A&W can I take your order?  Actually, nevermind, I quit.
  • Brewery Crawls – With so many new craft breweries around Calgary, one of  our favourite weekend past times includes trying out all the new brews! Check out some of our favourite breweries, Mill Street, Trolley 5, Banded Peak and Cold Garden!
  • Karaoke Bus – Yeah, that’s right, hook a mic in and belt out your best Barbara Streisand!
  • Pizza Crawl – A pie and a bottle of wine shared between friends disappears very quickly! So why not hop on and hop off at some of Calgary’s premiere pizza builders!
  • Mobile House Party Bus – Just drive around and party. It beats spending time in the ‘rents’ basement!
  • Ball Pit Bus – Chuck E. Cheese, eat your heart out.  (BYOBalls).
  • Haircut Bus – Run a hair salon?  No?  Okay, nevermind.  Wait…you have a pair of scissors? Good enough!

Our rates start at $299 for an hour drive around, and be sure to ask about our midweek day-time discounts. Email or call us on 403-243-3372


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