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Brewery Tour


Friday July 13, 2018

Bust Loose! Party Buses & Pub Crawls brings together likeminded ale blazers as we travel to 3 very unique and very different breweries, on our Stampede Brewery Tour!

In conducting our first Stampede Brewery Tour, we wanted to present a cross-section of the Stampede as a representation among Calgary brewers.

We called on the ‘out of towners’, Mill St.; the hard working locals, Tool Shed Brewing; and Revival Brewcade to represent the iconic midway!
We’ve also worked closely with Knoxvilles in providing a unique Stampede tent experience we’re very excited about (and you can learn more about below).

Mill St. is the little red engine that could. From humble beginnings in Toronto’s distillery district, their quality beers grew in popularity and so did their brewery! It’s a treat to host them in Calgary, and not only is their brewing profile prolific, you’ll also find some of the most delicious eats at a Calgary brewery!

Stop number 1 on the Stampede Brewery Tour is a bit of a mystery! Like craft beer, and the industry itself, there’re few things better than the freshness associated with it! Our selection is one of the freshest! Calgary has a handful of brand new breweries and breweries that are just about set to open! We’ve been ‘hard at work’ exploring some of Calgary’s newest breweries, and they’ve been generous in their time with us as they hurriedly prepare to open their doors! We feel like Revival Brewcade offers all the excitement of the Stampede Midway without any of the crowd!

Everyone grew up being told to find something you love to do, and then find a way to make a career of it! We decided on sharing our favourite venues around town with people! Jeff and Graham at Tool Shed, however, fantasized about a lifelong career of bringing their beautiful creations to like minded people. From It’s inception in Graham’s back yard, Tool Shed Brewing Company has always been destined for great things, as Jeff and Graham bring an obsessive love for great craft beer and high level of geekery to the craft of making it!

Knoxville’s, Calgary’s newest modern country party bar (cue sound effects: record scratch) Wait wha? Knoxvilles? The Stampede tent Knoxvilles? Craft beer? Are you guys? What’s going on? Bust Loose have partnered up with our pals at Knoxvilles to ensure you can enjoy a great local beverage on the patio during Stampede, while soaking in the atmosphere that comes along with The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth! Knoxvilles will be hosting selections from their favourite local brewers throughout Stampede! This is a game changer for Stampede and we’re excited to play a part in it!


What are you waiting for? Hop on!


-5:00PM – Registration Begins at Mill St.
-5:15PM – Registration Ends and Tour & Tastings Begin
-6:30PM – Hop on the Party Bus for one of Calgary’s newest breweries
-7:00PM – Bus Arrives at brewery for tasting
-8:00PM – Hop on the Party Bus for Tool Shed Brewing Co.
-8:30PM –  Bus Arrives at Tool Shed Brewing Co.
-9:30PM – Hop on the Party Bus for Knoxvilles Stampede Craft Tap Patio
-10:00PM – Formal Conclusion at Knoxvilles Stampede Craft Tap Patio

Tickets Include

Brewery Tours
Sample Flights at Each Brewery
Party Bus Transportation Between Breweries
Brewery Discounts & Swag
Conclusion at Knoxvilles Craft Stampede Craft Tap Patio


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