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Planning A Budget-Friendly Weekend Trip: The Best Tips

Planning A Budget-Friendly Weekend Trip: The Best Tips

No matter what we have going on in our daily lives, it’s sometimes important–and good for our health–to plan a getaway and relax for a little while. It’s not always easy to do, but starting with a good plan will help you make the most of a weekend without breaking the bank. Small trips are, in fact, the best way to take a timeout and put some distance between yourself and a long workweek, because they often don’t require much money or travel time.

The key is to give yourself time to plan. Many weekends trips are taken at the spur of the moment, but it’s best to have some prep time so you can do a little research and make the most of your budget. Take a look at your destination and figure out what your expenses will be; for example, if you’re going to the lake for a weekend on a boat, you won’t need much more than sunscreen and food, but touristy locations will require some spending money.

A Bust Loose Holidays holiday takes all the worry and stress out of planning your vacation – we handle that for you! Everything from your vacation activities, through to nightly events and even tips on what to pack and what to expect!

Keep reading for some great tips on how to plan a budget-friendly weekend trip without breaking the bank.

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Calgary’s Stampede Traditions

Calgary is synonymous with Wild West culture, embodying it in every way! So much in fact that once a year we throw a massive horse and buggy fest, the world’s biggest in fact, colloquially known as The Greatest Outdoor Show Continue reading

The history of Calgary Stampede Pub Crawling

What do Burns Baseball Stadium, Eau Claire Estates, The Silver Slipper Saloon have in common? Well;

#1: they don’t exist anymore, and

#2: they were all starting points for the World Famous Bust Loose! Stampede Club Crawl!

The Bust Loose! Stampede Club Crawl has been THE Primary Event to attend during Stampede since the 90’s. It started out when Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer and Madonna were tearing up the charts! Hair was bigger (but getting smaller), and the Calgary wild west spirit was still riding high on the coat tails of the Olympics!

Cue Stampede.

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What do we do when we’re not partying for work?

There’s an expectation that when you walk in to ‘Bust Loose Towers’ to visit us, you’re going to see everything from circus performers to fireworks… and on any given day, it’s more than likely you may. However, usually we save our best partying for the weekends when we’re off shift (or if you’re Dustyn ‘Loose’ Schroeder our Party Bus & Events manager you save it for a random Tuesday).

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How to Survive A Bar Crawl 

How to Survive A Bar Crawl

There is a time when we all have to listen to that little voice inside our heads, not the one telling you to run naked through the woman’s locker at the Y, but rather Continue reading

The Evolution of Snowboarding

In the early days if you were riding on one plank on a ski hill there was something seriously wrong… or you were a bit of a weirdo. Being born from the University of Calgary Ski Club in 1982, Bust Continue reading


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